BattleReady – Prison Ministry (Correctional Service)

BattleReady is a 10 step spiritual warfare course, that has been designed in 2007 to make every re-born Christian aware of the spiritual battle they find themselves in,  each day.

The BattleReady for Prison Correctional Services(CR) course, was specifically designed to teach CR inmates how to fight their spiritual battle against their spiritual enemy, the devil, with God given Biblical references. This course is a course which relates physical warfare with spiritual warfare, and therefore makes it a very exiting course to attend as an inmate and also as a lecturer to lecture.

This 28 BattleReady sessions can be downloaded from this website.



There is a unseen war taking place every day – This war is about you!

Today, there are a lot of different programs designed for Correctional Services inmates, focussing on correcting the human and the human behaviour itself.

There are however, not a large number of Christian programs available to become aware of the spiritual battle that reigns in and around us. Inmates needs to correct and reniew their human spirit, getting reborned and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit.

Re-born Christians are different persons through Jesus Christ, guided by God’s Spirit, to become Holy of promise!

Re-born Christians are new persons, the old person is buried.

2Cor 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

The Battleready Program aims to perform full rehabilitation of a inmate, and is ONLY possible when a person’s spirit is reborned, by God’s Holy Spirit. The Battleready Program for Correctional Services (BRP-CS) is designed and aimed to ensure awareness, to fully understand that there is a spiritual battle that leads to a person’s thoughts and phycical actions. Inmates will become aware that their past actions were also due to a spiritual battle that reigned inside them, and therefore the choices they made.

The BRP-CS is solely Christian based material, and the aim is to learn and teach inmates about the unseen battle, the spiritual battle, that affects their lives every day. The BRP-CS is Scripture based from God’s Word, the Holy Bible, and how to use God given spiritual weapons, portrayed in God’s Word. The aim is to have fun sessions, to compare and correlate real warfare with spiritual warfare.

If possible, Video sessions and video clips will be shown and inmates will be able to identify, that they find themselves in a spiritual battle every day. The video sessions was designed specifically for inmates to realize that this is not just another day in their lives, but that real warfare takes place every day, a unseen war about their souls – Heaven or Hell!

The final outcome of the BRP-CS is for reborned inmates to fight this spiritual battle to the end, and not to give up against the spiritual enemy.


Battleready Program for Correctional Services (BRP-CS)

The BRP-CS program aims to achieve the following:

Module 1: Identify your spiritual enemy. Outcome: Realize that there is a spiritual enemy, and there is a spiritual battle and it affects us all.

Module 2: Consider to fight against this spiritual enemy. Outcome: Realize that we as Christians should fight back in the spirit realm, as the writing is already on the wall.

Module 3: Discipline as a human being, and obediance to God’s Word. Outcome: Realize that we need to be spiritually disciplined in God’s Word and in our lives, to be able to stand against our spiritual enemy.

Module 4: Training in God’s Word. Outcome: Realize that we as Christians and human beings should be fully trained in God’s Word, the Holy Bible, to be able to stand steadfast against our spiritual enemy.

Module 5: Reconniacance about our spiritual enemy’s, in God’s Word. Outcome: To pro-actively realize the spiritual enemy’s manouvres, and not to be cought off guard as a human being.

Module 6: God given spiritual Weapons. Outcome: To become fullay aware that God gave us spiritual weapons to take on our spiritual enemy.

Module 7: God given Logistics. Outcome: To realize that God gave us His Holy Spirit, as the only power required to fight the spiritual battle.

Module 8: Respect for the spiritual enemy, the devil and his demons. Outcome: To realize that the devil’s time runs out and he still fights back.

Module 9: Identify strong and weak points. Outcome: To list limitations and weak points of the enemy and to highlight God’s stongpoints, available to you in your spiritual battle against the enemy.

Module 10: Planning, Strategy and the Battle. Outcome:  To realize that we have to get into this battle, plan for it, and strategyse how to get to our end-goal, heaven with God Almighty

Soldiers for Christ – FOREVER!


BattleReady Book 1: 000. BattleReady Book 1 – Print

BattleReady Book 2:000. BattleReady Book 2 – Print