Clean hands

The term “clean hands” is very close to my heart. Clean hands refers to a reborn Christian’s duty to live a life with “Clean hands“. When you get reborn, you are automatically clothed with clean, white satin clothes, through Jesus Christ who died for your sins on the cross of Calvary. This is fully described in Revelation.

However! this is not where it ends for you. You still live on this dirty planet earth, where satan also lives, and want to make your hands and body dirty.

Whilst you are still on earth, there are a existing enemy called satan, which will try to lure you back into sin, and make you dirty again. We, AS REBORN CHRSTIANS should now go and act in love as soldiers of Christ…and therefore we should live life WITH CLEAN HANDS!. No one can become a active spiritual soldier of Jesus Christ, if they are still involved in sin. CLEAN HANDS refers to a life, FULLY dedicated to Jesus Christ, and living a life to stay a disciplined spiritual soldier of Christ.

Can God use you as His spiritual soldier,  if you are under the influence of any substance? Can Jesus use you any time, any day, any hour, when you had 2 glasses of wine, 2 beers, or a “calming” drug on the side-line? Can and will Jesus use you when you are involved in a affair at work, or sometimes watching porn on the web? Can Jesus use you if you still evade tax?

I can continue for days and days on this subject!! The true answer is No!

Clean hands means: ALL FOR JESUS!