The Truth?

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What is the TRUTH????

This writing is written to everyone on earth to read, including Muslims, Hindu’s, Scientologists, Catholics, and also Christians out there. When last did you do mathematics? (Mathematical presentation below)

When you read “WHAT IS THE TRUTH?” you actually do NOT investigate other religions. This is not a sin to perform mathematics about religion.

You actually ONLY do mathematical calculation on: “WHAT IS THE TRUTH?”

(Example: When you buy a car, there are so many cars to choose from today. Surely, before buying a car, you make a few calculations about the price, technical specifications, and you summarize which car fits best, the available money you have got to buy it. You would like to know if this car is really what they say it is, AND IF IT IS THE TRUTH. You want to buy into a reliable and good car that fits you. Not just because your father tells you that it is the best car. YOU have to choose! The same should apply to religion. Why don’t you do mathematics about the religion you choose?, ….simple, isn’t it?)

This following is a VERY, very serious question: WHAT IS THE TRUTH?”:

1. Did you receive or inherit your religion from your parents (father, mother, ancestors), or did you make a calculated decision, based on the truth. Did you just accept/recieve your inherited religion as the correct religion, and the whole truth?

2. Were you forced into a religion as a young person, without you making the decision yourself? Did you do calculations about it, or did you study if the religion you are in is the full truth?

3. And lastly, the devil will try to make sure that you as a human being do not find out what is the truth. So be aware that the devil will try to keep you away from the truth.

There should be mathematical PROOF, that a religion is the truth, or that it is false. Therefore we investigate in a certain religious book, if is really the truth…, enjoy!

Presentation: (can be downloaded as well)

Let’s do mathematics to see if Christianity is the truth or not the truth?: